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Lighthouse Webcams



1. Click the link below which will open and redirect you to a new tab/page.
2. Download and install the required plug-in at the bottom of the page (first time only). You will need to close your browser while the plug-in is installing. Restart your computer when it is finished in order for the webcams to run properly.
3. Return to this page and click the link below. Log in with the provided username and password.
4. Hover your mouse over the right hand side of the camera list and select either Main Stream for a high quality image, or Sub Stream for a lower quality image (good for slower connections).  
5. If the cameras do not automatically start playing, Click “Start All Live View” start all live at the bottom right hand corner of the screen. Within a few moments, depending on your connection speeds, all four cameras will begin streaming.
Enjoy the view!

Username: guest
Password: guest123

Swallowtail Cam

Click this link to view the Swallowtail Webcam

New! Long Eddy Point / The Whistle Cam

Click this link to view The Whistle Cams


→ For any webcam related inquires or assistance, please contact:  


Q: Can I make the image full screen?
A: Yes. Simply double click the image. Press ESC on your keyboard to go back to the main screen.

Q: Can I view all 4 feeds, without the grey squares?
A: Yes. On the bottom left there is a drop down menu to change viewing configuration.

Q: I have downloaded the plug-in but I still cannot log-in / I have been trying the webcams while they were down for maintenance, but I still cannot view them now that they are back up.
A: Unfortunately you will need to clear your browser history (cookies, temporary files, saved passwords and web form information) in order to view the cameras. For most browsers, you can clear your history by going into browser settings. This is the only way to view them unless you use a different browser you have not tried to view them with before.

Q: I do not see a link to download the Plug-In.
A: You may already have the Plug-In installed.


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